Adventure Camp & Pet Lodge

Doggy Daycare & Overnight Boarding

There’s no better destination than our Adventure Camp and Pet Lodge when your pet has to be away from you.

The Adventure Camp is a dog daycare experience that offers fun play and stimulating socialization. We also have a Pet Lodge for overnight boarding where your pet will enjoy a safe, cozy, “home away from home” setting. We even have a veterinary hospital on site to address any health issues that may arise during their stay.

Before You Board

Please be sure to read our pre-boarding checklist! It will make your pet’s stay with us much smoother.

Please note: Your pet may be denied admission if vaccines are not current.

Watch Live

Want to check in on your pup during camp? We have two cameras on the action of our adventure camp!

Adventure Camp


At our Adventure Camp, your pet can look forward to its best day, every day. We provide fun-filled day “camp” with stimulating options catered to every dog breed, size, and age.

A day at camp is filled with exciting activities and exploration in a safe and socially interactive environment – supervised by our experienced Camp Counselors.

Campers in group play spend the day outside mixing and mingling with each other, playing with our experienced Camp Counselors, participating in one of our seasonal extracurricular activities, and sometimes just “hanging out” enjoying our beautiful mountain views.

We’re happy to accommodate many different personalities and activity levels, as well as pets who enjoy lots of time outside, but whose social skills may leave them better suited for individual play.

All dogs who visit Adventure Camp also have access to any necessary mid-day meals and plenty of time for napping. In addition, any health issue that arises can be immediately handled by our on-site veterinary staff to ensure your pet has a fantastic time and remains well cared for no matter what.

Pet Lodge


Vacations or business trips often mean you need boarding options for your dog or cat, and whether you’re leaving town for one day or several, our Pet Lodge can supply all the amenities and comforts of home – including the easy scheduling of any necessary medical procedures.
For our canine campers, we offer several lodging options to accommodate individual or family lodging and personality preferences for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Our suites are all designed with the highest quality materials, specifically chosen for use in a boarding environment for their longevity, durability, and functionality.

All our canine lodgers receive at least an hour of outdoor play daily. Those dogs who are eligible can play in our day camp with their camp friends. Those who aren’t feeling “social” will be in a private yard for exercise and sunshine. Our lodgers can also receive a bath before going home (complimentary with a 7-night stay).

Our feline campers will enjoy a luxurious stay at our kitty Bed & Breakfast, where cats can lounge, relax, and be showered with attention by our caring staff. They’ll also enjoy the same premier accommodations, regular meals, and available medical care as their canine counterparts.

We are proud to be a member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association. We are also a licensed Pet Care facility by the Colorado Department of Agriculture under their Pet Animal Care & Facilities Act.


Adventure camp daycare is charged a daily fee, and our frequent visitors can purchase multiple-day “passes” at a reduced daily rate. Multi-day passes are non-refundable and expire one year from date of issuance. In-house credit will be issued for value of expired, unused days. Our Pet Lodge charges are based on a “per night” basis with check-in times from 2-6 (Monday- Friday and 2-5:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Check out time is from 7:30 am- 12:00 pm daily. A non-refundable $90 deposit is required for reservations during Peak Travel and Holiday periods. Please note: prices are subject to change without notice.


In 2019, these holidays and periods include: MLK Weekend (1/18 – 1/22), President’s Day Weekend (2/15 – 2/19), Spring Break (3/21 – 4/2), Easter (4/18 – 4/22), Memorial Day (5/24 – 6/3), Independence Day (6/27 – 7/9), Labor Day (8/30 – 9/9), Columbus Day (10/10 -10/15), Thanksgiving (11/21 – 12/2) and Christmas/New Year (12/19 – 1/7/2020).

We do require a non-refundable $92 pre-payment per pet for overnight reservations during these timeframes. Our Camp Headquarters staff will let you know at the time of reservation whether your dates fall within our Peak Travel & Holiday periods. Please note that there will be a boarding facility increase of $5 per night during peak travel and holiday dates. Our online Peak Travel & First-time Camper Agreement is at the bottom of this page.

Adventure Camp

  • Full Day – $27.00 (half day – $17.00)
  • 3-Day Pass – $76
  • 6-Day Pass – $145
  • 10-Day Pass – $240
  • 20-Day Pass – $440

Any dog that comes for the day, but cannot be in camp, will be charged the overnight boarding fee.

Pet Lodge

  • Overnight Boarding – $41.00 (with or without day camp)
  • Double Occupancy Boarding – $82.00 (only for pets of the same family)
  • Cat Boarding – $22.00
  • Peak Period Lodging (Canine) – $46
  • Peak Period Lodging (Feline) – $27
  • Peak Period Double Occupancy – $92

Boarding fees are charged on a per night basis. Check-in time is between 2:00 and 6:00pm (Sat & Sun 2:00-5:30pm) Check-out time is between 7:30am and 12:00 noon.

$19 fee for early check-ins and late check-outs.

Special Needs

  • Medication – $1.50 per administration
  • Kennel Food – $1.00 per meal
  • Aggressive, Not neutered or isolation – $15 per day
  • Complimentary baths are only given after 7 nights of boarding.

Camp Headquarters Hours

Camp Hours

Mon – Fri: 7am–12pm + 2pm–6:30pm
Sat + Sun: 7am-12pm + 2pm-6pm

For check-ins, please allow plenty of time to complete all necessary paperwork and allow our staff time to get your camper(s) settled in.

The office is Closed all major holidays and in the event of inclement weather – BUT our staff is here every day, rain or shine, ice or snow – taking care of our “campers”!


  • All canine and feline campers must have current Rabies and Distemper vaccinations*.
  • All canine campers must also have an annual Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccination*.
  • All canine campers must have an annual Canine Influenza vaccine. Dogs who are getting this vaccine for the first time must have the initial vaccine AND the booster 3-4 weeks after before they can be admitted to Adventure camp or stay in our Pet Lodge.
  • All canine campers must be free of all internal and external parasites and have passed an internal parasite screen within the last six months*.
  • Documentation must be provided at (or prior to) check-in.  For campers who are patients of Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital, the documentation does not need to be provided separately. In all other cases, it is the owner’s responsibility to contact their veterinarian and obtain the necessary documentation.
  • Any camper that does not provide documentation of required vaccinations at (or prior to) check-in will have a physical examination by our veterinary staff at Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital and have their vaccinations updated at the owner’s expense.  For campers who are patients of Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital, the physical examination will be waived if the camper has been seen by our veterinary staff for a complete exam within the last five (5) months.

*Canine campers under 6 months of age (PUPPIES, our favorite!) are subject to a different set of requirements because of their young age and developing immune systems.  Please call for information.

  • Any camper that does not provide documentation of required internal parasite screen at (or prior to) check-in will have one performed by our veterinary staff at Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital at the owner’s expense.
  • Any camper that does not provide documentation of required vaccinations or negative fecal test will be placed in isolation until our veterinary staff is able to work that pet into their daily schedule.
  • Any pet that requires veterinary attention while at our facility will receive it at the discretion of the veterinarian on duty and at the owner’s expense.


  • Campers enrolled in group activities must meet our behavioral requirements and be able to socialize and interact with other dogs without aggression. All campers will go through a Pre-Camp Interview prior to their first day of camp.
  • Campers in group activities must be 4 months of age or older and must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.


  • All campers must be checked in and out on a leash or in a carrier.
  • Any medications or supplements to be administered to campers during their stay must be provided in their original container with the prescribing veterinarian’s instructions.
  • Campers currently requiring medical care during their stay for an illness or concern being treated by another veterinarian may be evaluated by our veterinary staff to ensure we can provide the best care. Additional fees may apply.
  • Any food provided for campers must be in a resealable hard-sided plastic container, even if the manufacturer packaging includes a resealable close zipper. Additional fees will apply for owner provided diets that are not in proper packaging (this includes food provided in Ziploc bags) or require special handling.
  • We do not accept any pet that is aggressive towards humans.
  • Senior Boarders or Campers age 14 or older must be approved by our veterinarian or provide a letter from a licensed veterinarian stating that the pet does not have any medical issues that would be detrimental while boarding.

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