Five Important Tips for Boarding Your Pet Over the Holidays

By November 30, 2017 No Comments

Are you boarding your pet this holiday season? Leaving your critters can be as stressful for you as for them during this busy time of year.

How do you walk away from that furry face? The staff at Mountain Parks Adventure Camp and Pet Lodge have some important tips to make sure your pet is happy and healthy while they’re boarding.

1.  Ask to Tour the Kennel

We are happy to give tours of our facility at any time! Cleanliness is a top priority at Mountain Parks, so stop by any time… we don’t need to “prepare” for visitors.Talk with our Adventure Camp and Lodging staff; we are eager to get to know you, discuss any concerns, and make sure we can make your pets’ stay as comfortable and fun as possible! We maintain a ratio of at least one staff member for every 10 dogs in the facility and one staff member to 15 dogs in our Adventure Camp. We put every dog new to our facility to a temperament test before playing with others, and our staff knows each of our campers’ personalities so we can keep everyone safe and happy. Please let us know about any special needs your pet may have (such as dietary restrictions or extra traction/special bedding if arthritis is an issue) so we can be prepared to accommodate them. We also have a webcam on our camp yard that you can access from our website to check on your pet playing with their friends.


2.  Information Overload is OK!

Please provide us with as much info on your pet and ways to contact you as possible (cell phone, email, a local contact with permission to authorize treatment, your veterinarian’s contact info.) We do have a veterinarian on the premises during regular business hours (and on call) to address any medical needs that may arise, and we will communicate with you via the contact info you leave us with when you check into our boarding facility.


3.  Leave a Little Piece of Home

It’s always best to bring enough pet food for your pet’s entire stay; in Colorado, it must be in a hard-sided container that seals (ie: with a lid) and labeled with your pet’s name. We will provide food if needed, but we strongly recommend bringing your pet’s usual food because changing diets can be tough on your pet’s system. If you bring medications or supplements, you’ll need to leave in their original prescription bottle and provide detailed instructions about when and how to give the medication. Bring a favorite toy, blanket or a t-shirt that smells like you. A familiar toy or smell in a new environment can be very comforting to your pet.


4.  Don’t Make a Show (Until You’re Out the Door!)

As tempting as it may be to hug your pet and tear up…try to remain calm and serene. If you’re emotional or excited it can make your departure more stressful for your pet. Say your goodbyes calmly and walk out the door (cry in the car if needed).


5.  Make Sure Your Pet(s) Vaccines are Up to Date

Before bringing your pet to be boarded you may need an appointment with your vet. The required vaccines for dogs in our facility are rabies, distemper (adenovirus, parvovirus, and parainfluenza), bordetella and canine influenza. We also require a negative fecal test every 6 months.

Cats need a current rabies vaccination, feline distemper (panleukopenia, calicivirus, and rhinotracheitis) vaccines. We have these requirements to keep all our campers and boarders safe and healthy!

Making sure your pet is up to date before you drop your pet off ensures they can go get settled into their kennel or go play with their friends as soon as they arrive (instead of being quarantined until we can fit them into our vet’s schedule). Being able to get settled right in will also reduce your pets’ stress of being separated from you!