“[The Dr] and his team are the most caring people around. My dog goes to Mountain Parks vet and their doggie day care right next door. She is well taken care of at both places and the hours are so flexible. Mountain Parks has just generously donated to EChO as well. If I could give them 10 stars, I would!!
-Janice K., Facebook

“My dogs love this place. Dr DiMeo and his whole staff are very caring and compassionate. They have a great outdoor daycamp that my dogs get exercise daily if i need and an indoor boarding kennel as well!”
-Cora, Google

“Pure awesomeness! I am an ER nurse and am pretty careful about picking a doctor or a vet for my family. I have moved a lot, so I have my fair share of vets to take care of my furry babies. Been a pet mommy for over 20 years and with the exception of one other doctor in Texas, this vet is as good as it gets! Very impressed by the thoroughness and gentle care they provide and how genuinely interested [The Dr] and his staff are in the health and wellbeing of our furry family members. ”
-Stefanie B., Yelp

“They just acquired a new ‘Family’ we will be bringing all of our family members for all their needs. January 3 2015(on a Saturday) we had an emergency with our cat Ming, she was throwing up blood, they got us in right away, they were very compassionate, gentle, kind, understanding and loving to her(and me an upset and emotional pet parent), they made sure I knew exactly what was going on, and made sure I understood everything that was to be done along with any of the risks, and answered any questions I had. I arrived at 9:00 a.m. at 12:30 p.m. she went into surgery, she came home later that day, they made sure I knew what after care needed to be done. They are only opened on Saturday from 8:00 am-1:00 pm, they stayed to operate on her. Thank you [To the Dr] & Staff!!! You are truly amazing.”
-Barbara J., Facebook

“I first took my dog to Dr. DiMeo last summer for a second opinion. My dog had suffered for months with itching, losing hair, etc., and after being treated for allergies and spending hundreds of dollars on medications, I decided to get a second opinion. Dr. DiMeo immediately diagnosed the problem as scabies, a mite commonly found on foxes, and we do have foxes coming through our property sometimes. He began treating Darcy and within a week, she stopped scratching. Within a month, her hair grew back. Needless to say, I transferred all of Darcy’s records to Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital. I am so glad that I did! Dr. DiMeo and his wonderful staff are compassionate and professional.”
-Debbie N., Google

“[The Dr] is very thorough and honest.  We’ve come to [him] many times for my dog’s arthritis, a disease from a tick, separation anxiety, badly torn dew claw and most recently for a second opinion after another vet recommended TPLO surgery which [the Dr] assured us was totally unnecessary.  I also appreciate that the staff calls and follows up regarding their pet patients and send email reminders regarding vaccines, etc.”
-Dara K., Yelp

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“I am so thankful to have found [Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital and staff] My hounds are my family, and these people seem to not only recognize that but make recommendations and provide care based on what they would do for their own pets. This was not the 1st (or the 2nd or even the 3rd!) vet that I tried after moving to Evergreen, but it is definitely going to be my last!!!!!”
-Elizabeth M., Facebook

“I was just there in September 2018 – I found Dr. DiMeo and his staff exceptionally caring and professional. My kitten was very sick and they new right away what was wrong, administered proper medication and even called the next day to make sure my blue point Siamese kitten, Oscar was doing okay. I am very pleased with the service I received. They are genuine people.”
-Alison Y., Google

“Excellent service for our St. Bernard. Great staff, everyone was helpful, knowledgeable and caring! Thank you!”
-Eric F., Yelp

“[The Dr] was able to fit our dog in right away after recognizing his emergency state of health. They kept him in the office to monitor his vitals and keep him on fluids. Not only was the care great, their follow-up was top notch. Dr. Altman personally contacted us over the weekend (even on Sunday) to make sure he was continuing to improve. They really care about their patients and it shows!”
-Amanda G., Facebook

“We had an emergency with our dog, they were able to get us in right away and start treatment. He was able to come home that evening and was feeling fine again.
The staff was very caring and very helpful, they will continue to be my heelers primary vet!”
-Kristen H., Google

“Very thorough and professional. Dr. David DiMeo saved our Siamese Kitty boy. We had brought him in for a regular checkup and Dr. DiMeo found an abscess that was life threatening if not caught. Pleasant staff, concerned with our pets health. Second instance of saving our pet, our golden retriever girl was nearing her puppy whelping date and Dr. DiMeo advised a radiograph 1 day past her due date. It revealed a small litter but puppies that were more than twice the normal size of a newborn puppy. She was delivered by C-Section. She could have never delivered the pups naturally because of their size. She and the pups would have died in labor.”
-Edward U., Yelp